Photo by Leone/Tormes

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Photo by Leone/Tormes


SOUND & VISION "Prefer tribute albums that re-imagine material instead of just replicating it? Then snap up this set by The Big Bright, an ensemble that combines Ollabelle’s Glenn Patscha and Fiona McBain with solo artist Liz Tormes. The subject of this tribute is indeed the 1980s, and the idea is to turn some of that decade’s confections into “New Wave nocturnes.” How? With spare, unplugged instrumentation that’s superbly arranged. And with vocals that incorporate both affecting leads and intuitive harmonies... Still, you wouldn’t think this approach could work for something as poppy/peppy as the Bangles’ “Walk Like an Egyptian.” But it does—with a piano, and a male voice. “Oh-way-oh”? What was once an almost gimmicky hook has become a supremely solemn incantation... When Patscha adds a postscript called “My Baby,” you may go away with the impression that Slept is an album for children. But don’t leave it in the kid’s room; we adults need lullabies, too." Read full review online

“The Big Bright have made a beautiful and singular record. As if three gorgeous voices singing brilliantly re-imagined classics from the 80’s wasn’t compelling enough, this is a high concept lullaby record too. “Walk Like An Egyptian” was always a cool recording, but here The Big Bright have unearthed a surprisingly lovely song. “I Go To Sleep” by Ray Davies is another highlight, but the entire record is the perfect antidote to whatever “assault to the senses” means to you.” - Marc Cohn

5.0 Stars - I Loved It! - "They take your favorite '80s classics, recycle them, slow them down and then release them into the world as dreamy vintage renewals. Brooklyn-based trio The Big Bright makes fresh, dreamy and celestial new wave nocturnes that will lull you to sleep. The collaboration of Glenn Patscha and Fiona McBain of Americana music group Ollabelle and neo-noir singer/songwriter Liz Tormes has resulted in a hauntingly beautiful full-length album titled I Slept Thru the ’80s.

It is a fine blend of your favorite 80s songs, so masterfully covered and revived that they are not a reflection, but the reinterpretation of their originals...The three soothing, breathy and mellow voices of Patscha, McBain and Tormes create a new atmosphere and breathe a life into the songs that we love so much...I Slept Thru the '80s is an ethereal compilation of adult lullabies that in an innovative and majestic way makes the listener drift into a nostalgic 80s dream. Highly recommended!"  Read full review online.

They call them “new wave nocturnes” and I have to admit, they’re far from what I would have imagined. This is beautiful stuff, regardless how I felt about the original songs. Ethereal. Floating. Beautiful. Very Winterpills-like in places. These aren’t really covers. The songs have never sounded this good or this fresh”
— Frank Gutch, Jr. from Segarini: Don't Believe a Word I Say